Paying for Massachusetts Automobile Injuries

You’re driving back from a Boston Bruins game, you’re a Massachusetts resident, and you are seriously injured in a car accident. You’re taken to the hospital and you’re naturally worried about your health and being okay. And then you start thinking about work, bills, the mortgage, your family–you were seriously injured in that car accident.

You’re not going to work on Monday. You don’t know when you’ll get back to work–one week, two weeks, maybe more? Of course, the personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns can help you, but all personal injury attorneys must work with the amount of insurance that’s available for each particular case.
That’s why the Boston personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns bring you this important message regarding insurance coverage and the Medical Payments option available to Massachusetts drivers. Medical Payment, also known as Med-Pay, is an optional coverage available to under Massachusetts automobile insurance policies. Your insurance company will show you the insurance coverage you have selected in a document called a Coverage Selections Page. On this document, Medical Payments is option number six.
Medical Payments is just what it sounds, it provides money to pay for reasonable and necessary medical treatment and bills as they related to injuries received in a car accident. Importantly, however, is the fact that Medical Payments coverage can also be used for lost wages and provides additional money for medical bills.
But what about health insurance to pay for your medical bills? While it is true, depending on your coverage, that health insurance will pay for medical bills, it is also true that your health insurance company will put a lien on any proceeds you recover from the at-fault insurance company and want the money they paid out, back. Yes, that’s right. The good news is that you can pay this lien will money available from Medical Payments, if you selected this option.
Call the attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns. We can help you with your claim, and also give you the advice you need when you’re seriously injured in a car accident.