Legal Spotlight and Attorney Lecture at Boston University

Boston University was the site of a lecture recently given by Massachusetts car accident and personal injury attorney Thiadora Pina. The event was dubbed Legal Spotlight, and included Boston University undergraduate students interested in attending law school and learning more about Boston personal injury law. The event was organized by the Cape Verdean Student Association and the Diversity in Law Association, two undergraduate organizations that are part of Boston University.

The undergraduate students in attendance were a lively group, and came prepared with many questions about attending law school and practicing law. The first step for any undergraduate interested in law school is identifying those schools of interest, and also preparing for the Law School Aptitude Test, or the LSAT. We began our discussion with these topics, but they by no means encompassed the scope of event.
The students were very active, asking a range of questions about identifying potential law practice areas, obtaining your first job, the typical day-in-the-life of a litigation lawyer, such as myself, and what the practical workings of a law office looked liked.
Many of the students had just attended a law school forum, and they were interested in hearing an opinion from an attorney as compared to an admissions counselor for a particular law school. Needless to say, my understanding of law school and the practice of law often differed from the admissions counselor. Thus, it was up to the students to apply what they learned from all sources and bundle it together to get a big picture of the law.