Massachusetts Star Quarterback Tom Brady Ran the Green Light

Tom Brady ran a green light and struck a minivan in Back Bay, Boston, this morning, according to news reports. No, it is not illegal to drive into an intersection when you have the green light. And fortunately, he did not appear injured; we are hoping that he is 100% and that the Patriots destroy the Bengals this Sunday.

But, as always, we urge our clients to DRIVE DEFENSEIVELY. We don’t know the circumstances, but we’ve represented hundreds of victims of motor vehicle collisions in Boston and there is a common theme: if you drive defensively, you have a better chance of avoiding collisions. Just because you have permission to go into the intersection, does not mean that the intersection is safe.
Furthermore, in our experience, even when there are witnesses, as there appear to be in this case, if you are injured due to someone else’s clear negligence, the insurance defense attorneys will come up with a theory as to why it was your fault, or why you are not as badly injured as you and your physicians say. They will spend hours and hours in depositions of witnesses and in securing documents to find something, some one thing, that is not consistent, and they will try to focus the jury’s attention on it. Thus, please drive defensively.
And, go Pats.