Massachusetts to Ban Texting While Driving

The Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston is abuzz with pending legislation set to be finalized shortly. The attorneys at the Boston Law Office of Neil Burns recently brought you an article concerning efforts to pass legislation banning texting while driving. As attorneys representing those injured in car accidents and other personal injuries, we know firsthand the importance of safe driving practices: distracted driving leads to many Boston residents being involved in car accidents, and suffering pedestrian and bicycle injuries.

The new law, called the Safe Driving Act, will ban texting while driving for all drivers in Massachusetts. This includes while operating the vehicle at red lights and in stop and go traffic. In addition, it bans drivers under 18 from using the cell phone altogether. Further, it requires all drivers older than 75 to have vision tests. It will make Massachusetts the 29th state to ban texting while driving.
Of course, it does not prevent someone in an emergency situation to pull over and use the cell phone.