Lynn Following Boston to Reduce Dog Bite Injuries

Lynn City Council’s office maybe following in Boston’s footsteps as the Massachusetts city considers an ordinance requiring all pit bulls in Lynn be muzzled while they’re out in the street on a leash. “Dog bite injuries can be very serious,” notes Boston attorney Neil Burns of the Law Office of Neil Burns, “cities should take steps they feel are appropriate in order to protect people from dog bite injuries and attacks.”

Lynn is not the only city dealing with the problem. There are reports this week of a Hyde Park pit bull attacking a 12 year old, a Boston pit bull attack, a Quincy bit bull attack resulting in a broken leg, and an Andover bit bull attack. As everyone knows, pit bulls can be wonderful pets. However, they are disproportionally responsible for vicious attacks. This is because they can be trained to harm and have powerful jaw and a disposition to not let up. Unfortunately, local ordinances are not necessarily the answer.
The Massachusetts dog bite law is helpful in determining responsibility in civil cases. Unfortunately, at that point, our clients have already been seriously injured. We urge victims of dog attacks to contact us after they receive proper medical treatment.