Keeping Massachusetts Children and Siblings Safe

Memorial Day in Massachusetts is known by Boston residents as the unofficial start of summer. Soon, Massachusetts children will be out of school for summer vacation, with Boston Public Schools letting out on June 24, 2010. And with summer and children outside, the risk of serious injuries increases greatly. The Boston attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns reminds all Boston area residents that childhood injuries increase during the summer months. We note the following information in an effort to keep our children safe and free from personal injury.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issues reports which include injuries to children reports. From 2000 to 2006 the CDCP found 92 million emergency room visits for children, leading to 12,000 child deaths per year. The study shows that boys have a higher accident rate than girls and children with attention issues are more injury prone. However, more telling was that injuries would cluster in families – following the injury of one child, a sibling would be at significantly higher risk for injury for a three-month period. The physicians who undertook the study considered a contributing cause to be “post-traumatic arousal,” which is related to post traumatic stress disorder.
The authors of the study said that often a family in stress gets no treatment. While there may be hospital treatment for the bleeding, or an x-ray for a broken arm, the trauma has an adverse effect on the whole family. It’s a classic case of put-on-your-own-oxygen-mask first.
The study points to success stories in child safety such as seat belts, bike helmets, swimming lessons and pool fences.