Massachusetts Workplace Safety and Deaths

Boston’s Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health, and the Massachusetts AFL-CIO, located in the Boston suburb of Malden, have recently released a report documenting that sixty-two people died from work-related causes last year. The workplace injury attorneys at the Boston office of Law Office Neil Burns know that safety is the first step in preventing personal injuries and avoiding work related deaths.

The groups are advocating for stronger workplace protections for Massachusetts workers. Industrial accidents, motor-vehicle crashes, workplace falls, and disease brought on by working conditions were among the causes for deaths Massachusetts workers.
Studies show that Massachusetts workplace deaths are down, however, following the West Virgina coal mine tragedy and the Gulf oil spill by BP, leaders and working on new workplace safety initiatives. The AFL CIO claims that death cases are often found in work places with an already bad record. They cite the death of Alan Forsyth, 51, who died in a forklift accident in Taunton. The company, Super Dog Pet Food had been cited the prior year by OSHA for forklift violations.