Massachusetts Residents Should Monitor Salt Intake for Better Health

A report by the Institute of Medicine is good advice for Boston residents. Noting that Massachusetts and “The vast majority of the U.S. population is consuming sodium at levels that are simply too high to be safe,” the report called on the Food and Drug Administration to mandate maximum levels of sodium in food. While the attorney’s at the Law Office of Neil Burns help Boston area residents hurt in car accidents, slip and falls, and other personal injuries, we, at the same time, always strive to help keep Boston and Massachusetts area residents informed of safety tips for healthier lives.

The FDA report, commissioned by Congress, notes that an increased sodium diet is linked to high blood pressure. Of course, high blood pressure can lead to heart disease. Thus, the FDA concludes that cutting salt in diets could prevent 100,000 deaths each year. Because is no restriction on salt in prepared foods, it is currently hard to ban even a specific amount. Thus, the recommendations seem to be to determine what level of salt is appropriate and to work toward recommendations along those limits.