Suing Massachusetts Landlords for Injuries

You rent an apartment in Boston or another city or town in Massachusetts. When you are injured at your home, is it your landlord’s fault and can you sue your landlord? These are important questions that the Boston slip and fall attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns can help you decide. A recent case that happened in Brockton, Massachusetts shows that even though you may be able to sue your landlord, you must always prove certain legal elements in order to win. The attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns can help with the legal complexity of slip and fall cases.

In the case in Brockton, Civetti v. Petti, (Lawyers Weekly No. 13-011-10). a tenant sued the defendant landlord after she fell on the stairs leading to her apartment. But after a jury trial in which the tenant lost, the Appeal Court found that the trial judge rightly entered judgment for the landlord because the plaintiff failed to prove her negligence claim. Thus, even though the tenant claimed that she fell down the stairs because she caught her shoe on a nail that was protruding in the stairway, and that the fall was caused by the landlord’s negligence in maintaining the property, the judge upheld the jury’s finding that the landlord was not negligent and owed the tenant nothing.
Of course, every case is different because the facts of every case tend to be different. So if you are injured at your apartment, please call the Law Office of Neil Burns and speak with us regarding your case. We will speak with you and determine the best way to proceed given your individual case and unique set of facts and circumstances.