Night Club Injuries to Massachusetts Residents

In the Boston suburb of Worcester, Massachusetts, a Superior Court Judge found the nightclub owner 30 Worcester Center, Inc., responsible for injuries a patron sustained while at the club.

Such was the case recently when a 16-year-old girl was punched in the face by another patron at a nightclub owned by 30 Worcester Center, Inc. In that case the Judge found that the defendant nightclub owner was negligent and should be ordered to pay the plaintiff damages of $14,000. The Judge found the nightclub was negligent in the following respect:

“(1) Failure to hire and monitor qualified staff to monitor Sh-Booms to keep people out who are eighteen years of age or older; or people who had been drinking on a ‘teen night’;
“(2) Allowing Leonardo Marques, who was over the age of twenty-one (21), to have access to the premises on a ‘teen night’;
“(3) Allowing Leonardo Marques who had been evicted to reenter the premises;
“(4) Failure to monitor the dance floors for adults or those who had been drinking and/or for those who had been previously evicted but then returned;
“(5) Failure to respond when Julissa Martinez was first approached by Leonardo Marques;
“(6) Failure to provide proper security for patrons who are under the age of eighteen years old.

The Judge said that “As a result of the defendant’s negligence the plaintiff Julissa Martinez was injured and suffered both physical and emotional injuries and incurred medical expenses to date in the amount of $1,852. As a result of the injuries the plaintiff Julissa ‘sustained damages. The court assesses damages in the amount of $14,000.”

Call a personal injury attorney at the Law Office of Neil Burns for injuries you suffer where you are injured or otherwise assaulted while in a public establishment. If we can prove that the night club, or the place where you were at was negligent in regard to security or some other function, you may be able to recover money damages in that situation.