Whiplash After Auto Accidents in Massachusetts

Boston attorney Neil Burns has handled hundreds of car accident cases for Massachusetts residents, including those clients who suffered neck or whiplash injuries. According to iemc2005.org, many neck injuries, including whiplash, are the result of rear end collisions.

Whiplash occurs when the occupant of a vehicle suffers an over-extension of the neck. Whiplash can be very painful and prolonged, depending on the degree of damage. If you feel that you have whiplash or other neck injuries, you should be aware that whiplash injuries can worsen over time, especially when not addressed.
Neck injuries, including whiplash does not hinge on the force of the impact. Your whiplash and back injury may simply asserious in low speed car accident as in high-speed collision, especially if the head restraint is more than 2.5 inches from the back of the head during impact.
Whiplash and rear collisions constitute the majority of all insurance claims for neck injuries. On average, approximately 25% of all accidents result in whiplash. Treatment for whiplash and neck injuries can include prescription medicine, X-rays, heat and ice therapy, ultrasound therapy, massage, exercise and neurological evaluation. It is important to seek medical treatment immediately after the accident, to identify any potential neck injury and where treatment can begin before the condition worsens.
Remember, it is often the case that these treatments are most effective the sooner they are implemented. The attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns can help you file a claim, and as Massachusetts personal injury lawyers, we can help you seek compensation for your car accident, medical bills and treatment.