Massachusetts Motorcycles Riders May See Insurance Refund

Safety Insurance Group, Inc., a leading Boston based writer of personal automobile insurance in Massachusetts, recently announced that it has reached an agreement with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office to change the way in which it calculated motorcycle insurance premiums for certain types of coverage dating back to January 1, 2002. Wherefore, our clients and all Massachusetts residents who own and insure their motorcycles in the Commonwealth may be getting a refund.

This agreement seems may have a positive effect on all motorcycle policyholders because, under the new calculation, those that were undercharged will not get a bill, and those that were overcharged will get a refund. Heads you win and tails you win. How often does that happen with insurance companies?
Safety claims that they are working with the Attorney General’s office to issue refunds, however, we advise our motorcycle clients to look back at their old policies and send in proof of coverage as soon as possible. If you have any questions regarding your right to a refund and how the refunds are calculated, contact your insurance agent.
The Law Office of Neil Burns is committed to insuring our clients remained informed regarding insurance policies and practices whereby the consumer’s best interest may have been jeopardized.