Boston Underinsurance Coverage is Key

Time and time again we urge our Massachusetts clients to pay for Underinsurance Coverage in their motor vehicle policies. For some reason insurance agents neglect to inform their customers that this is some of the most critical coverage you can purchase.

In Massachusetts, you are only required to have $20,000 of liability coverage. Thus, if you are injured by another driver, no matter what your lost wages are, no matter how high your medical bills are, and no matter how badly injured you are, you can only get $20,000 from their insurance company. It is not likely that they have any other assets to pay you.
There is an answer, however: buy more Underinsurance coverage! If you were to purchase a $100,000 policy from your insurer, you, or anyone in your vehicle, would be covered up to that amount in the event the other driver caused damage to you.
Please see our website for a more detailed explanation of underinsurance in Massachusetts.