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Safe at 85 Miles Per Hour?

What is a safe speed limit for Massachusetts highways? Current law in Massachusetts limits highway speed to 65 miles per hour. In Texas, however, there is a new highway under construction in which the speed limit may be set at 85 miles per hour! The highway, Texas Route 130, which will run from Austin San Antonio, will have the fasted posted speed limit in the United States.
However the American Trucking Association is calling on the Texas Transportation commission to reduce the proposed speed limit.
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Massachusetts Auto Accident Lawyer Reviews 2011 Statistics

When a Massachusetts personal injury lawyer represents a client, we work diligently for the best result given the circumstances of the collision, the client’s injuries, his or her work history, and the permanency of the injuries. However, when we review statistics from Massachusetts and from around the country, we look to seek if there are any patterns that show things are safer year after year. The good news this year is they are!
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Massachusetts Seat Belt Use Down in 2011

According to a new University of Massachusetts, Amherst, study, use of seat belts is decreasing in Massachusetts. Seat belt use is down to 73% in Massachusetts, according to the study, with the national rate at approximately 85%. This is concerning to a Massachusetts injury lawyer because seat belt use is directly correlated with saving lives. Massachusetts is among the lowest use states in the nation. Teenager seat belt use according to the UMass study was down 3.9%, to only 69%; African American seat belt use was down to 65%; and, with Hispanics, the rate was only 54%. Commercial vehicle drivers were even lower, at 47%. Between men and women, the rate is 68% for men and 80% for women. The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission studies conclude that having a primary seat belt law would boost rates by 10%!
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Massachusetts Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Massachusetts State Senator Stephen Brewer, of Barre, the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, has introduced a bill before the Massachusetts Senate, removing the current helmet law and allowing all motorcyclists over the age of 21 to have the right to refrain from wearing a helmet. The bill was the subject of hearings in the Senate Transportation Committee this week. The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association sees this as a “freedom” type of law which would promote tourism.
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