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Massachusetts Homeowner Liable for Softball Game Injury

The Boston Red Sox are safe, but Massachusetts homeowners should beware. The Massachusetts Appeals Court recently found a Massachusetts homeowner liable when a houseguest was injured on their property after being struck by a ball from a softball game being played in their yard. The personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns want Boston area residents to practice safe habits as the warm weather retreats, and realize that serious personal injuries can occur in homes, cars, and other areas where we tend to feel safe and perhaps let our guard down.

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New Slip and Fall Injury Law

Just today, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, sitting in Boston, has handed down new law regarding slip and fall injuries involving snow and ice. It used to be that the duty of care owed by landowners to lawful visitors on their property did not include any obligation to remove snow and ice that had accumulated naturally. Now, however, that has changed. The attorneys at the Boston Law Office of Neil Burns know the importance of staying up-to-date and current regarding applicable laws affecting our clients.
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Trying the Negligence Case in Massachusetts

Located in Boston, Lawyers Weekly of Massachusetts recently reviewed civil verdicts rendered in Superior Courts in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. The review showed that the deck is heavily stacked against tort plaintiffs, particularly those who go to trial in Norfolk County and other Boston suburban communities. The Boston attorneys at the Law Office of Neil Burns recommend that those clients considering taking their personal injury, car accident or other injury case to trial listen to the advice of their attorney. A lot of factors must be weighed before taking a case to trial, and the rate of success is certainly one large factor to consider.
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Injuries at Boston Hotels

Boston is a large tourist destination for people inside and outside of Boston, Massachusetts. As such, hotels in Boston are numerous, as are injuries resulting from those hotel stays. The injury attorneys at the Boston Law Office of Neil Burns can help if you are injured while staying in Boston, Massachusetts. Some of the injuries that occur while staying in Boston area hotels include falling in the bathroom or shower/tub areas.
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Would-Be Massachusetts Tenant Can’t Sue Landlord For Fall Down Stairs

A Massachusetts woman interested in renting an apartment near Boston, scheduled an appointment to visit the building. When she arrived, she walked to the back of the building to find the defendant and the unit she was interested in renting. She then fell down an unguarded stairway and was injured, suffering personal injuries. The women sued the building owner, and according to the lawsuit, she claimed the stairway violated Massachusetts state building code. “It is important to note,” says Boston personal injury attorney Thiadora Pina, “that the woman can still sue the landlord for her fall down the stairs and subsequent injuries. According to this decision, however, her cause of action, or what she can sue under, is now limitied.”

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Boston Supreme Judicial Court Updates Slip and Fall Law

Slip and fall victims in Massachusetts are the beneficiary of new law. Massachusetts has adopted a new standard regarding premises liability law with regard to grocery stores, for example, and other self-service retailers. The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, the state’s highest court, sitting in Boston, Massachusetts, decided Sheehan v. Roche Brothers Supermarkets, Inc., which lightens the victim’s burden of proof in slip and fall cases.
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