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Getting in Touch with Your Massachusetts Attorney

The Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers, sitting in Boston, issued the following ruling regarding a licensed Massachusetts attorney on May 3, 2010. The ruling involved an attorney not responding to a client and failing to pursue a client’s claim with diligence. The Boston attorney’s at the Law Office of Neil Burns field repeated inquiries regarding potential attorney malpractice and attorney’s responsibility to their clients. This case of discipline is an example of the requirements Boston and all Massachusetts attorneys must follow with respect to their clients.
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Boston Area Attorneys Suspended for Failing to Fully Represent Client

Two Boston area attorneys were temporarily suspended when, according to the Lawrence, Massachusetts court, they “put their self interest ahead of that of the client.” Ferreira, Pedro (Lawyers Weekly No. 25-010-10) (April 8, 2010). This was a worker’s compensation case involving the Department of Industrial Accidents, and Boston legal malpractice attorney Neil Burns has represented hundreds of clients in cases where an attorney did not put the client’s best interest first.
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Massachusetts Attorney Nissenbum Ordered to Return $328,771 in Attorney Fees

Legal malpractice is when an attorney breaches his or her duty to the client causing damages. Overbilling, on the other hand, is often considered the cousin of legal malpractice. In a recent notorious case, Judge Stephen Steinberg of the Probate and Family Court, issued a 33 page detailed decision criticizing Massachusetts attorneys Gerald Nissenbaum and James Vera for billing an estate almost $500,000.
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Legal Malpractice in Massachusetts Requires Duty Owed

In a case handed down by the US District Court, legal malpractice actions were clarified. The Court reaffirmed that there must be an attorney client relationship: an “implied” attorney client relationship is not valid, nor is there any “duty” owed to a non client. One of the fundamental aspects to any legal malpractice claim is that the lawyer owed a duty to the client. In the United States District Court decision, the Court held that because the defendant lawyers never owed any “duty” to the plaintiff, they could not be responsible for committing legal malpractice.
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Victims of Massachusetts’ Attorneys Awards 2009

The Massachusetts Clients’ Security Board (CSB) is a panel of attorneys, appointed by the Supreme Judicial Court. They are entrusted with a never ending source of money – a portion of all registered Massachusetts attorneys’ annual fees! all registered Massachusetts attorneys’ annual fees! [CAROLINE START HERE] Unfortunately, the CSB’s job is never ending as well – their job is to distribute funds to victims of attorney dishonest financial conduct. That is, when an attorney steals money that he or she was a fiduciary of, the CSB investigates and pays the client for the loss.
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Treble Damages in Massachusetts Legal Malpractice 93A Case, plus Attorney Fees

Our office undertakes litigation with a personal injury and legal malpractice focus. While not many lawyers in Massachusetts will represent the victims of legal malpractice, our firm’s mission is to uphold the trustworthiness of the profession. When the facts are clear, the Courts of Massachusetts will uphold the law and find legal malpractice, treble damages and award attorney fees.
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