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Massachusetts Legal Malpractice News December 2016

Many victims of legal malpractice can file claims with the Massachusetts Clients’ Security Board of the Supreme Judicial Court.  Established by the SJC in 1974, the CSB awards 100% of clients losses as a result of attorney fraud; attorneys that actually steal, or “misappropriate” their clients monies.  Note, this does not include victims of malpractice in which clients monies have not been misappropriated.

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Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers Clients’ Security Board 2014 Awards

The Massachusetts Security Board announced in its 2014 report awards to victims of Massachusetts’ attorneys’ theft.  The number of awards was significantly higher in 2014, with a total of 114, than 2013 when there were only 69.  On the other hand, the actual awarded monies, $1.3 million, were only about half of the previous year’s awards of $2.8 million. Read more

Can I Fire My Car Accident Lawyer?

Of course, you can always fire or disengage your attorney. But first, it is critical to sit down and meet with him or her. There may be a communication issue that is easy to resolve. Potential clients often come to us with this question, and, upon review, their lawyer has been doing a fantastic job advancing the client’s interests. Unfortunately, the lawyer is simply not communicating what he or she has been doing, or why they are doing it. As a result, the client does not know that, in fact, he or she is being adequately represented. Read more

Legal Malpractice – You Have Rights!

Legal Malpractice Cases for Real Estate now Surpasses Personal Injury

According to an American Bar Association study, real estate has surpassed personal injury as the largest source of legal malpractice claims.  This may be a result of the fallout from the 2008 real estate market crisis and the vast number of “failed real estate transactions” following the crash.  This 2008-2011 study of over 53,000 legal malpractice claims showed a changed trend since the studies began in 1985.  It is worth noting that the damages paid to plaintiffs were higher, on average, then in previous years.  A good example of real estate legal malpractice litigation is the Burns & Levinson case, below.< Read more

Massachusetts Lawyers Defraud Clients of Two Million Dollars

The Massachusetts Clients’ Security Board announced that it had awarded over $2,000,000 to clients that had been defrauded out of their money by 33 lawyers committing legal malpractice in Massachusetts. A program run under the Massachusetts Bar Counsel since 1975, the CSB receives 12.49% of attorneys’ annual registration fees to fund reimbursements. The Board is made up of seven lawyers appointed by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court; they receive no compensation for their work, however, there are investigators and staff who work full time for the Board.
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