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Boston’s Southie Car Accidents

Tragedy recently struck this past July when a 2-year old was struck and killed in a car accident as a result of an unfortunate set of circumstances at the intersection of L Street and E 6th Street in Southie, Boston. The toddler was with a woman who was pushing a stroller on L Street with another toddler when a Prius and van somehow collided, forcing one of the vehicles onto the sidewalk and to strike the child. The woman was uninjured and the other toddler suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Because the accident occurred on a day and time when street cleaning was in effect, the street was free of parked cars that normally fill up that side of the street. Consequently, there was nothing to prevent the errant vehicle from hopping the sidewalk.

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Kids Summer Parties:  What You Need to Know to Prevent Injuries

Kids’ parties are a part of growing up. Friends made at pre-school, kindergarten, or grade school often get together for birthday parties where food, games, and party favors are handed out. One common feature at kids’ parties are bounce houses, inflatable structures akin to trampolines for kids to literally bounce up and down on, inside the “house”, though at much lower heights than true trampolines.

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