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Safe Driving During Summer Months

The summer is full of occasions to spend time with friends and family at beaches, cookouts, or other fun activities. These summer adventures can often require a lot of driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that there is an increase of vehicles on highways and that there were 377 crash-related deaths during Memorial Day 2012 alone. Here is some advice on how to keep your family safe during summer vacation. Read more

Preventing Swimming Pool Accidents in Summer

Pools and spas can be an excellent way to relax in the summer time.  Unfortunately they are also the cause of many deaths and accidents among children, as well as adults.  The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that 202 children under the age of 14 died in pool or spa accidents between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2013.  Despite these tragic numbers, it is possible to keep family members, especially children, safe near swimming pools. Read more

No Strict Liability For Residential Landlords in Massachusetts

Is a Massachusetts landlord responsible for defects in residential property notwithstanding the tenant’s comparative negligence? That is, if there is a defect in a residential unit, is the landlord responsible no matter how the tenant is injured? In a case that came down from the Courts this past month, a critical decision was made as to how these questions will be answered. Read more