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Attorney Neil Burns Quoted as Legal Malpractice Expert in Massachusetts Lawyer’s Weekly

What is conflict of interest in the context of legal malpractice?  In a recent decision that came down from Judge Hoffman, of the Federal Bankruptcy Court in Boston, it was determined that a large Boston law firm operated under a conflict of interest when representing both the fitness chain and the principal investor in the operation.

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What You Need To Know About Scooter Accidents

Go to most large urban areas and you will see various types of motor vehicles on the city streets, including passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks of all sizes, and scooters. Scooters, which can include mopeds, are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation for city dwellers and students. They are far less expensive than cars, are quick, easy to park, and can easily maneuver in and around traffic. However, these small vehicles pose significant risks to persons who ride them.

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Is it Legal Malpractice to Withhold Monies From the Attorney’s Client Trust Fund Account?

Yes.  Does it matter how much was involved?  No.  Does it matter if it was only a few weeks?  No.

While it may seem obvious from the way we phrased the questions, it wasn’t so obvious to an attorney in Massachusetts, according to a recent case handed down by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.  In fact, for what should have been a simple albeit small matter, an attorney was sanctioned for violating the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct.  Read more