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Storm Causes Tragic Accident

Storms can be dangerous for driving and motorists are often warned to either be especially cautious or to avoid driving at all in severe weather. Most accidents in a storm occur because of visibility problems, travelling too fast for conditions or losing control. For an unfortunate Plympton man, a storm cost him his life when a large tree fell and crushed his truck on his way home.

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Peabody Faces Tough Choices With Car Accidents

It seems that most cities and towns of significant size have problem streets or intersections where more accidents occur than in other parts of the community. In Peabody, Massachusetts, car accidents have been occurring at a level that has concerned city officials at the intersection of Wilson Square and Tremont Street. In a 4-year stretch between 2012 and 2016, 100 accidents occurred in Wilson Square alone. A traffic study conducted by WorldTech found that cars traveling through this intersection were prone to accidents on Central Street. About 27,000 cars can be expected on Central Street each day!

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Injured on an ATV?

ATVs are a class of motor vehicles designed principally for off-road use by farmers and other types of businesses as well as for racing and recreational purposes. Some can travel up to 65 miles per hour. Although they can be fun to operate, there are about 700 fatalities per year attributable to ATV use and 135,000 injuries with about one-third of these involving individuals 16 years of age or younger.

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