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Deadly Hit and Run Involving a Child

In two separate hit-and-run incidents involving young children, Massachusetts police were able to identify and charge two persons with leaving the scene of an accident involving injury or death, which is a felony.

In an April, 2017 incident in Milford, police arrested a 54-year old woman whose vehicle was seen on surveillance video after the accident that killed a 4-year old boy. The woman, who saw her vehicle from the video on the news, curiously showed up at a police station shortly after the accident and told police the damage to her car was from a tree branch. An investigation revealed the woman had fabricated the story and arrested her. Witnesses at the scene described the vehicle as having briefly stopped after the boy was hit before speeding off. Police are using this to show that the accused was aware that she had struck someone before fleeing. Along with fleeing the scene of an accident with injury resulting in death, the woman is charged with misleading police officers in an investigation.

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Arlington to Possibly Test Self Driving Cars

In Massachusetts, the Arlington Board of Selectmen has acknowledged that future of driving is likely in autonomous vehicles. The town recently gave the nod to the town manager to pave the way for its streets to be a testing ground for autonomous or self-driving cars. Currently, there are two autonomous car companies operating in the Boston area: nuTonomy and Optimus Ride. A number of companies are applying to test their vehicles in Arlington, which requires them to submit a test plan for approval.

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