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What You Need to Know About Cell Phones and Driving in MA

Cell phones are everywhere, of course, and it is a common sight to see people walking on the streets or crosswalks with phones to their ears or talking on ear phones who are oblivious to what is around them. Now, observe that by drivers in motor vehicles and you have a potential tragedy in the making. Most states ban some form of cell phone use, but only 14 states and the District of Columbia ban all use of handheld phones by everyone. Now, Massachusetts may join that select group.

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Pub Crawl Leads to Motor Vehicle Death

Have you ever been on a pub crawl in Massachusetts? This is just another name for bar-hopping where you and friends travel from pub to pub having a drink or two at each one. Usually, there is either a designated driver or, more frequently given their ubiquity, an Uber or Lyft so that the crawlers need not worry about being stopped and arrested for drunk driving. Unfortunately, one of these pub crawls resulted in a tragic accident in McHenry County, Illinois.

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