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Snap Chat Car Crash Who’s to Blame?

Car accidents happen every day for a variety of reasons.  Fatigue, intoxication or impairment from drugs, overly aggressive driving, speeding and ignoring red traffic signals are a few.  In the past decade as cell phones have become more ubiquitous and texting and emailing major functions of smartphones, distracted driving has become a major concern.  And along with these cell phone activities are social media sites that are now being blamed for causing serious and fatal car accidents.  The issue then becomes whether social media car accidents should result in those sites being held civilly liable.

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Mass Seat Belt Awareness Campaign for Men

Seat belts in passenger vehicles first became mandatory for car manufacturers in 1968 though it was not compulsory for occupants to use them until New York became the first state, in 1984, to require all occupants to be buckled up.  Over the years, seat belt use has definitively shown to save lives and now every state, except Vermont, requires that passengers be secured in cars, pickups and commercial vehicles except for buses.

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Lyft Liability in the Age of Ride Sharing

Ride sharing is here to stay, thanks to the aggressive efforts of companies like Lyft and Uber to side-step commercial regulations that apply to taxis and limousines. Major cities including Boston have swarms of ride share drivers to rival cab companies much to the delight of residents but not necessarily the cab companies and cab drivers who have protested bitterly about their presence.

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Distracted Driving Scholarship Winner Ashley Franco

Distracted driving causes thousands of accidents each year. At the Law Office of Neil Burns we see firsthand the personal injuries that these motor vehicle collisions cause. Not only are the victims of the accidents but the family and members of the community are affected as well. Car accident lawyers nationwide are trying to raise awareness of these types of accidents. We hope by offering this scholarship we will raise awareness to the dangers of distracted driving.

We asked our applicants the following:

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Duck Boat Accident and Employer Liability

In a recent tragic accident involving a Boston duck boat driver whose tour vehicle struck and killed a 28-year old woman on a motor scooter on Beacon Hill, there are questions surrounding the employer as well as the vehicle operator.  Apparently, a review of the driver’s motor vehicle record revealed a number of startling facts that seemed to have escaped the attention of the vehicle’s owner and driver’s employer, Boston Duck Tours.

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