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Casinos and Drunk Driving Accidents

Casino gambling opened up for states other than Nevada and Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1988 after Congress passed the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.  Slowly, states began passing laws establishing casino gambling on Native American lands within their communities until 29 states currently allow various gaming activities.  Massachusetts opened its first casino in 2015 at Plainridge Park and there are three additional casinos expected to open in the state by 2018 that are slated to be much larger facilities.  But along with the allegedly anticipated revenues to feed the state budget comes the specter of increased drunk driving accidents.

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Will Lower Boston Speeds Reduce Traffic Fatalities?

It only makes sense that lower speed limits would result in fewer traffic accidents and fatalities. This was been borne out by the experiment in past years when freeway speeds were reduced to 55 miles per hour at the height of the fuel crisis in the 1970s.  The rise in the speed limit was concomitant with more accidents and fatalities but at least people were able to arrive at their destination a few minutes earlier.

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When Lawyers Go Above and Beyond

It is unfortunate that many injury victims either try to handle their own injury claim or retain an attorney who is inexperienced or only interested in a quick settlement.  Studies have consistently shown that claimants with legal representation obtain substantially more compensation than if they handle their claims alone, even when accounting for legal fees. Second, claimants also receive far more in compensation when they have an attorney who will advocate for them zealously, vigorously and who take the extra step in obtaining the compensation their case deserves.  Experienced attorneys understand the system that insurance companies are working in.

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Uninsured Street Racer Hits Pedestrian Now What?

Recently, residents along Beacon Street in Back Bay were treated once again to an incident of street drag racing that has plagued this stretch of roadway and those who reside on or near it for much too long.  In this case, one of the racing vehicles jumped the curb and struck a pedestrian before the occupants quickly exited the car and jumped into the other participating vehicle and sped off.  Fortunately, the pedestrian was not seriously injured.  The accident underscored the issue of uninsured motorist coverage to injured parties if not the prevalence of street racing that endangers residents in the Boston community.

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