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Distracted Walking: Its Come To This and Its Costing Us Millions

Most people who drive or who are of at least driving age have heard of distracted driving and the dangers it poses.  Although distracted driving can involve any activity that causes a motorist’s attention to focus on something other than driving such as eating, conversing, rubbernecking or changing the radio station, it is more concerned with our addiction to technology–in short, cell phones.  Accident statistics have shown that distracted driving may be at least as insidious as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol though the penalties are far less strict.

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What You Need to Know about Home Fires: The Legal Perspective

Home fires account for an inordinate number of catastrophic injuries.  There are over a million fires occurring per year that affect persons in all kinds of circumstances from home mishaps, campfires, cars, boats, fireworks and others.

In a 2015 study of the past 10 years, it was shown that there has been an average of 2,470 deaths annually from home fires and around 12,000 injuries.  Injuries and death from a fire injury often occur in the following home areas: Read more

Former Police Chief Offers His Views on Uber

Ed Davis, a former Boston police chief, recently offered strong criticisms of the taxi services his office monitored during his relatively brief tenure.  Davis, who served as the city’s police commissioner from 2006 to 2013, relayed the statements shortly after his appointment to Uber’s new safety advisory board. Uber is the leading company in the ride-hailing industry where people with its app on their smartphones can request a ride and have their fare automatically paid with credit card information already input.

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Are HoverBoards Safe? Short Answer: No

Hoverboards have been in the news recently after a spate of fires engulfed the devices and in some cases, the house or structure where it was charging.  The boards do not literally hover, of course, as its name was derived from a levitating skateboard ridden by the main character in one of the “Back to the Future” films.  In reality, these are motorized self-balancing scooters that operators control with their feet.  Though extremely popular, concerns have arisen over their safety.

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