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PIP Insurance Can’t Require Your Provider to Testify

When someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident, PIP, or Personal Injury Protection insurance covers up to $8,000 of medical bills, regardless of who was at fault.  This excellent no-fault medical coverage covers the full bill, unlike most medical insurance companies that negotiate the bill, and therefore has some say as to where you go for treatment, or what treatment is permissible.  Because motor vehicles are inherently dangerous, this required insurance helps everyone who is injured get basic medical care following a collision.  Read more

Click It or Ticket in Massachusetts

We are all aware of the Massachusetts statute that requires everyone in a passenger motor vehicle to wear a seat belt.  And we are all aware of the (minimal) civil penalties.  Further, most folks are aware that Massachusetts’ seat belt law is “secondary,” meaning that a police officer cannot pull a driver over for apparent failure to wear a seat belt.  A police officer can only give a ticket to someone neglecting to wear a seat belt if he or she was pulled over for some other “primary” reason.

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