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Victim of Slip and Fall against Target Case Fails

Clients often ask:  well I was injured on their property, aren’t they responsible?  Yes.  And no.  Not if they did not do anything negligent.  In other words, was there anything that the property owner did, or failed to do, that caused the fall?  For example, if a store owner knows of a leak, allows it to continue and fails to stop the lead or warn folks of the slippery floor as a result of the lead; clearly the store owner is responsible.  On the other hand, if a customer picks up a bottle, drops it and you immediately slip from the wet floor, there was nothing the storeowner could do to prevent that slip; they did not have the opportunity to warn folks or clean it up.
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Motor Vehicle Safety and the Little Black Box

Almost all cars being manufactured these days have a little black box installed, similar to the infamous ones on airplanes.  And they perform a similar function.  These simple event data recorders (EDRs) could become major factors in personal injury litigation.  Most likely, an experienced car accident lawyer will be asking for the EDR following serious motor vehicle accidents in Massachusetts.
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